by Honnah Ogbechie on March 05, 2018


The Oil is created by a Whole Plant Infusion, following an ancient natural process. First the plants are pulled from the ground, not cut. They are hand pulled by the farmer, no machinery is used. The plants are used fresh and the oil is created naturally, extracted using local mountain spring water (the original process). The high potency, full spectrum oil is then blended with Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil as carriers. The ratio is 80% Whole Plant Infusion and 20% carrier oils.

Whole Plant Infusion means all of the plant is used, that the high CBD content is perfectly complimented as nature intended by the other vital cannabinoids. We want to explain that you its not simply about achieving a high level of CBD. What we have with this method and with the growing environment factors and the unique landrace strain is something far more potent and effective than just a high content CBD Oil.

We truly believe that this Infusion is the way forward, we experienced it for ourselves and we bought samples from everyone selling a CBD we could find to compare. Thats why we sell a 1ml syringe, it’s not enough to change your health or really thrive but it’s enough to feel the power of this oil. Once you experience it for yourself and especially if you go on to do a week or month you will truly know what this magical plant is capable of once its grown and supported in the right environment and harvested in a sacred way.